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“God, my Maker…gives songs in the night.” (Job 33:10)

In our moments of deepest trouble, how blessed we are to know that we do not have to create our own 'midnight melodies!’ It is 'God our Maker' who gives 'songs in the night'. There is no music more sweet, or harmonies more soothing than those the Holy Spirit plays. As one writer says, "The Holy Spirit takes up the harp of God's word and plucks one string of promises after another as He composes our symphony of comfort."

Many believers can testify of the joy and unexpected grace the Lord provided when their earthly trials blotted out their happiness. The great Beethoven lived most of his productive years in partial or total deafness, He was especially concerned because he felt his hearing was essential to creating music of lasting value. When his deafness became worse he was frantic with anxiety. Many doctors were consulted, but all was in vain. When the world turned completely silent he only communicated by means of writing. He found the needed to strength to go on. To everyone's amazement, it was only after he lost all sense of outward sound that Beethoven wrote his grandest music!! Shut out from all distractions his soul was flooded with new melodies as fast as his pen could write. His deafness became his greatest blessing!! Those who tune their hearts to heaven and tune out the world's distractions, in spite of the dark skies of trouble, sorrow, and disappointment, will be blessed with new and comforting symphonies of God's grace.

God can turn your midnight into music —your sorrow into joy!!

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