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  • To build and affirm pastors’ confidence in their calling and leadership.

  • To inspire church leaders with insights into biblical principles that result in solid Biblical leadership.

  • To provide leaders and believers with practical ideas and concepts for effective ministry.

  • To instruct leaders and believers in the operation of their gifts and release them in ministry.

  • To empower leaders and believers to flow together to accomplish great things for God.

  • To encourage leaders and believers to be led by the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.

  • To strengthen churches in their structure and operation.




  • We value ministry as a team.

  • We value leaders and believers being continual learners.

  • We value levels of leadership being equal in value but different in function.

  • We value honor and appreciation for the diversity of giftings.

  • We value ministry with a servant’s heart and spirit.

  • We value prayer and intercession, praise and worship as vital components of true ministry.

  • We value the Word of God as the authoritative foundation of all practical ministry.

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