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Strengthening Leaders, Believers & Local Churches

About Us


Oasis Christian Ministries International is the ministry of Colin and  Mary Wellard. The Wellard’s have been in pastoral, itinerant, and music ministry for many years. Their ministry has taken them to Africa, Europe, South America as well as Canada and the United States. The have majored in church recovery as well as workshops and seminars in church leadership development, worship, grief and loss, Holy Spirit ministry, and much more. They both come from missionary families and have a heart to see Christ’s church and its believers healthy and functional. Along with a strong Bible teaching and church rebuilding ministry, they are talented musicians who love to worship and lead people into the presence of God.

Lifespring church, in Abbotsford, BC, Canada is their Canadian base of operation. Their desire is to see pastors, leaders, believers and churches released to move ahead in God being renewed, revived and restored to serve Christ in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.

The following are key areas of ministry that we provide and are available to pastors and churches both at home and abroad:

1.  Leadership Development

2.  Church Recovery & Rebuilding Ministry

3.  Pastoral and Church Consultancy

4.  Natural Church Development

5.  School Of Prayer Seminars

6.  Various Workshops that include:

7.   Short Term Missions

8.   ESL sessions for ethnic congregations

9.   Weekend, Interim and Supply Ministry

10.  Abundant Living Seminars

11.  Conference and Retreat Ministry

12.  Interim Pastoral Ministry and Pulpit Supply

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