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Trusting In God At All Times

Take time to read Genesis 27, 39, 41 & 45

The life story of Joseph is truly a remarkable journey of faith and trust in the Lord. He was hit by a variety of scenarios throughout his life yet exhibited an incredible ability to believe that God had everything under control! The following are a few observations about how Joseph operated his life through faith and trust in God and who He is:

1. Joseph trusted God when he was mistreated by his brothers (Genesis 27:25-28). Sometimes people quit trusting God because other people in the church have mistreated them. I must ask myself what has their mistreatment of me to do with my eternal destiny?

2. Joseph trusted God when he found himself serving in the role of a slave. (Genesis 39:1-5) His role changed from favored son to forced slave. How do we react when our circumstances put us in a tight spot? Joseph was faithful and found favor.

3. Joseph trusted God when he was tempted with the offer of illicit sexual activity. (Genesis 39:6-18). Consistently resisting temptation is part of our growth and strengthening in God.

4. Joseph trusted God when he was falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned. (Genesis 39:19-23). Many times when we are misunderstood and falsely accused we blame God and withdraw. Joseph continued to conduct himself in a way that found favor

5. Joseph trusted God when he was confronted with inexperienced and unprecedented opportunity. (Genesis 41:16). By faith he came into the presence of Pharaoh confident that God was with him, not with a negative expectation.

6. Joseph trusted God in the midst of popularity and prosperity (Genesis 41:37-45). When things go well we often tend to trust ourselves and forget about consulting the Lord. He kept listening!!

Joseph trusted God in many varied circumstances and experiences.

Let us likewise continue learning to trust Him ............................................................. always!!!

Mmmm…. Think about it!


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