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Thinking On A Fountain Of Life

"Whatsoever things are true ... honest ... just... pure ... lovely ... of good report ...

Think on these things."(Philippians 4:8)

Take a moment to read Psalm 36:1-9

Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who sailed on Columbus' second voyage to America in 1493. Some Indians told him about a wonderful fountain of youth. He was determined to find this rejuvenating fountain and went on a sea expedition in 1513 discovering what we know today as Florida. While exploring Florida, Ponce de Leon drank from every spring he could find. It seemed to his companions that his search was eternal for each time he came across a spring he was sure this was it. But, to his disappointment, he never found the fountain he was looking for.

The Psalmist in the above reading talks about some of the wonderful things of God. He speaks of God's mercy and faithfulness. He extols God's righteousness and judgments. He tells how man can put his trust in God, and how God will satisfy man with His presence. Then he remarks "for with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we shall see light!" (Psalm 36:9)

Through Jesus Christ, God's Son, mankind has the opportunity to find, not a fountain of youth, but a fountain of life - eternal life. Many search today to quench their thirst and fill the void in their lives that exists within.

Ponce de Leon was unsuccessful in his quest for the fountain of youth. David discovered a most wonderful fountain, one that gave real life. If you've discovered it too then share the life. If you haven't discovered it yet, surrender your heart to Christ and the fountain of eternal life will start flowing in you. It's awesome!!!

Mmmm – Think about it!


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